Laboratory services

Our labratory which is full of modern high standard and quality equipments is monitored by skilled lab technicians. To prove what we say our labratory has received a star 3 award using WHO - AFRO Accreditation standard from Addis ababa health bureu.


Specimen collection and documentation

Specimens collected at separate room, labelled / coded and passed to the main lab through a window

NB;No patient and receptionists are allowed to enter the main lab.

Specimen processing and result documentation is made on a registry book of the lab and on the request format and PC. Result on the lab format will be kept alphabetically in boxes. The formats with the results will be collected through a window by the reception personnels. The receptionists too can not enter the main Lab.

Inpatient results will be collected by ward nurses. The results will be attached on individual patient’s medical record files (cards).

Reagent storage

As needed for the particular reagent it will be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator. The refrigerator has internal digital thermometer and temperature diary is taken thrice daily (see attached format).

Unexpected results (abnormal, and not consistent with patient condition are repeated and a third done as needed.

Lab personnel bear’s responsibility for deceit, forgery done that is not related to machine or reagents error. Documentation (card keeping) is the responsibility of reception registration office workers.

Quality Control (QC) runs for reagents and equipments

Internal; Weekly a QC sample, normal and abnormal is run

External; Local external QC is in place

  External supervisor monthly evaluates the lab

According to QC results decision to resume, to stop or discard reagents or maintenance of machines or dismissal or suspension of lab personnel will be effected

Standard Operating Procedure is prepared for all tests


Upgrading and maintainance*


Selling company regularly gives service to the machine it sold

Machines will be upgraded as the medical advance dictates




PARASITOLOGY – Stool, Urine and Blood


SPECIAL TESTS - MICROALBUMINURIA early detection of kidney disease in Diabetics and Hypertensive

24 hour urinary protein
24 hour urinary calcium
24 hour urinary uric acid



-12 lead ECG with LCD monitor connectable to PC , upgradable for stress test

-Ultrasound , ECHO and DOPPLER with INTTERVENTIONAL features

-Nebulizer  for Asthmatics

-INFRARED AND VIBRATOR for acute muscle spasm




Urologic studies , cystoscopy , ureteroscopy for kidney stone, bladder diseases and prostate evaluation

Minor surgery

Kidney Biopsy

FNA , Cytology and pap smear


WHO - AFRO Accreditation standard Certificate

Out Patient Facilities

With such extensive medical facilities on site, many of our consultants hold out-patient sessions in the hospital's well-equipped consulting rooms. Patients can therefore receive all their care, from initial consultation to follow-up, in one convenient location. 

Inpatient Care

Individual patient rooms ensure each patients privacy and comfort, as well as minimizing the risk of hospital acquired infections. Patient rooms are equipped with en-suite bathroom and TV with satellite channels

You will be looked after by a team of nurses with specialist skills to support your particular clinical. Because they also understand the anxieties involved with any hospital stay, you and your family can rely on their care and reassurance. We provide our nurses with a comprehensive periodic training program to ensure that we are continually updating their professional skills