About Us

Centrally located in the heart of Addis Ababa, Santé medical center has good reputation in wide range of specialty services, particularly in renal medicine. It gives a specialized renal care including dialysis service and urologic procedures integrated with holistic high quality care for all cases. Supported by high quality laboratory services and best specialists and sub-specialists, santé is becoming a home of many patients who need our help. We continually re-invest in our facilities in order to remain as a world-class medical care.

Major services of the center include:

Nephrology and Hypertension
• Dialysis
• Urology
• 24 Hour Emergency Service
• All Speciality Medical Care


Sante mission

  • A place where a human being get healed and suffering is alleviated with motherly care.
  • A place where staffs are happy and secure
  • A place where the nation and citizens are proud of



Center of excellence in medical care in the country and in the region

• Customer satisfaction by delivery of high standard medical care
• Provide affordable medical care
• Employee’s satisfaction
• Timely service delivery
• Ethical sound medical care
• Medical information to customers on prevention and common medical disorders
• Contribution to the country’s economy by saving foreign currency


Santé medical center is a sole proprietorship company owned and managed by an academic a physician. 

Future investment 
In the near future we stand committed to building a Hospital and medical training institution that will create an environment that helps us to accomplish our vision and protects and nurtures our future generations.

Administration System and Reception


Admin staffs:  
Administration Head
Admin Assistant
Finance:  accountant and cashier
Auxiliary: cleaners and security personnels( guards)


System :

  • Staffs working time control


  • Section reports. Each service section writes on the report book problems and suggestions for the smooth functioning of the section and hence the center.


  • Customer feed back reporting


  • Filing :
    • Incoming and outgoing letters
    • Medical certificates
    • Case summary:  Patient’s clinical data sent abroad for example to India-Apollo hospital, Brumungrad hospital in Bangkok, hospitals in South Africa and some centers in Europe and North America.



Reception registration

Priority criteria to get medical attention is given for the following cases Emergency cases, elderly with handicaps, pregnant (third trimester) .

Receptionist documents patients contact address including telephone on the card. Clients informed of their line-up and time of lab studies, and presented to a physician

Appointments are made at reception but all emergency cases are taken care of immediately.




It is made on hard copies (cards, registration book) and on PC, with back up( flash disk and another PC- Laptop)
Copies of all outgoing medical documents are filed, like certificates case summary, medical fitness documents. Documents are handed out by the registering personnel after keeping a copy, registering issuance and with the document bearing the stamps.
Issuing a medical document, filing a copy and stamping is done by the registrar only.
The laboratory computer is connected with the reception by local network for documenting and issuing laboratory results.

 Waiting area

            Places: 1. Main reception ( like a lobby )

                         2. Corridor facing the OPD offices

                         3. Tea room

Capacity about 100 - 150 persons indoors and outdoors

Entertainment and the environ

            There are TV SETS with satellite dish channels at reception , and in every inpatient rooms. There is a cafeteria serving cold and hot drinks. The premise is a quiet area of a good size with garden where clients and staffs can relax & do their prayers with reasonable convenience.